Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs - Apple Inc.

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Bloqout 3D - (PC)

Match Bloqs of the same color to win coins! Bloqout 3D is an extremely addictive match-4 puzzle game where you must create rows and columns to earn your bragging rights.

Nucleo-Tech - (PC)

NucleoTech is a unique top-down shooter experience where you play as Marcus Leo, the vengeful CEO of NucleoTech, as you take revenge on your sworn enemies using deadly and powerful weaponry. Wreak havoc on your foes and leave none standing in this epic top down shooter!

Nucleotech 2 - (PC)

Nucleotech 2 is a hyper-action, adrenaline enhanced, top down shooting game, where you play as Mike McGill to save the future. With multiple gun unlocks, upgrades, a full-length story mode and co-op play, Nucleotech 2 will leave you satisfied for years.

Fast Wheels - (PC)

Fast Wheels is a fast paced 3D racing game about winning races in customized cars. Unlock and upgrade all of your cars and compete to see who is King of the Track! Just always remember, if you're not racing you're losing and nobody likes to do that.

Annihilation - (PC)

Annihilation is an action packed zombie shooting game. Play as Aries, a clone experiment, who gets to mow down hordes of zombies. Try to get to the highest wave you can while progressing your character!

Bloqout - (Android)

Bloqout is a simple, fun, and unique puzzle game where you create Rows, Columns, Diagonals, Squares, and Corners of the same color blocks to get points. Try to get the highest score you can with multipliers, multi-plays, and much more!

Bloqout 2 - (Android)

Match 4 Bloqs of the same color to earn diamonds! Bloqout 2 is an incredibly fun and addictive puzzle game where your entire brain is challenged to do the impossible! Increase your matching and memory skills by playing!

Journey Of The Gems - (PC)

Journey of the Gems is a 3D dungeon crawler. Play as Prince Sam as he battles through hordes of monsters. Collect all of the gemstones from the Gemstone Masters and stop the evil villain, Dark Spear, from taking over the castle.

Hoppy Goes Home - (PC)

A top down 3D maze game where you play as Hoppy, a cute and cuddly bunny rabbit as he embarks on his journey home. Battling natural predators, Hoppy discovers he has what it takes to survive!

Loot - (Android)

L.O.O.T is an arcade game developed for mobile devices as a Game Jam 2016 game at the University of Missouri - St. Louis. Swipe the screen in the specific directions to gain points but be attentive because the directions speed up!